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Create Probate and Estate Planning Document Online

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Save thousands of dollars by avoiding costly attorney fees with a trusted DIY service.



Instantly create the necessary probate court forms or estate planning documents online.



Complete the entire process on your schedule — from your mobile device or home computer.



Support is only a click away. We are available via email, chat and phone.


Probate An Estate

Get state-specific probate court documents in minutes — for a flat fee of $700. Simply answer a short questionnaire, and we will prepare a free draft for you to review. Once you’re ready to move forward, you pay the flat fee and we send the full probate packet with instructions.

Estate Planning

Easily avoid probate by preparing essential estate planning documents: wills, trusts, powers of attorney, and medical powers of attorney. Properly plan for your family and ensure they won’t have to suffer through the time and expense of probate.


Easily Create Probate and Estate Planning Document Online Without an Attorney

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Get Probate Help Fast With Nevada-Probate Customer Support.

Probate can be confusing and frustrating,we are here to help.

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